A team of qualified professionals with a strong track record and years of experience helping our clients achieve their goals.

Didendum offers its clients the best advice in order to adapt their companies to the market’s demands, allowing companies to access these markets in the most successful manner.

An EAF is a financial advisory company registered with the Spanish regulator CNMV (Comision Nacional de Mercado de Valores). As a registered advisor, an EAF not only requires its members to have accredited experience and knowledge, but it also requires a certain level of information and transparency making it a trust worthy partner.

Didendum EAF, established in May 2012, was created with two main mandates: (i) wealth management, for both retail and institutional clients; (ii) corporate consulting and advisory. We deliver an excellent service in our two lines of business while offering a close and confidential relationship to our clients, backed by years of experience. Didendum EAF is also a registered advisor in the alternative fixed income market (MARF) and alternative equity market (MAB) for Growth companies and SOCIMI.


Betting on the companies’ competitivity as the engine for economy growth.


A specialized team composed by the best executives in order to guarantee the success of each deal.


A team of professionals with a long track record and experience in financial markets.


Guarantying the maximum level of confidentiality in each deal, along with the highest level of professionalism and success, in order to keep our clients’ trust.

Didendum offers clear, concise advise that adapts to our clients objectives and risk profile.


Match our client objectives in the portfolio
Didendum advises 2 Investment Funds.
We advise Pension Funds, Investment Managers and retail clients.

Maximize financial and fiscal return, adapting to each client’s needs.


Advise and recommend the best investment strategy: cost savings, fiscal situation, product compatibility, and risk-return relationship.


Didendum advises Collective Investment Institutions, SICAV or Pension Funds.


In addition to investment strategy advise, Didendum also elaborates upon request several reports as our clients require.

Didendum provides efficient solutions in order to achieve our clients’ goals in a professional and agile manner. We provide legal, fiscal and financial advice throughout the process to do so.

Suitability to the financial structure

Advice, support and negotiation in the following areas:

Debt restructuring

Insolvency and Pre-Insolvency Process

Access to the alternative equity market (MAB)

We are the link between institutions and capital markets. As model advisors, we aim for best practice in our execution and risk and controls

Growth and Internationalization

Support and advice in the following areas:

Feasibility Plan

Mergers & Acquisitions

Company Valuation

Strategic alliances

As registered advisors, we offer to your company our full platform and resources in order to successfully access the alternative fixed income (MARF) and equity (MAB) markets

Funding Needs

Market research for the ideal solutions for the company through:

Pursuit of new investors

New Funding Sources (bilateral bank loans, venture capital, crowdfunding or business angels)

Capital markets

Project finance


Alternative Equity Market (MAB)

This is a new equity market supervised by the CNMV (Spanish regulator) aimed for small cap companies. In its tailored nature, it offers appropriate costs and regulations for the companies targeted for this type of market.

Growth companies
SOCIMI (Spanish real estate investment trusts)

Alternative Fixed Income Market (MARF)

The MARF offers debt funding solutions to small and medium companies (SMEs) with simplified requirements and costs via:

Short term debt (Commercial Paper)
Long term debt (Bonds)

We guarantee the maximum level of success and confidentiality in each deal, along with the highest level of professionalism and success, in order to keep our clients’ trust.

Venture Capital & Private Equity

Didendum has the experience as a financial advisory firm to assess the viability of projects and companies at different stages. At Didendum, we make a conscious effort to focus on startups and projects in the impact space: be it social, environment, financial inclusion or any other area aligned with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Our team offers our experience and services to both startups looking for funding, as well as investors looking to diversify into alternative investments.

Some examples of the companies we are assisting with their fundraising efforts currently are:

Okra Solar

Bringing energy access to last mile population in emerging markets (Nigeria & Haiti) that currently cannot get access to energy through the main grid.


Electric Vehicle company in India that looks to promote financial inclusion and gender equality by targeting micro entrepreneurs and offering women in the region an alternative, not physically strenuous, source of income as well as a safe form of transport.


Tech company  leading the effort of the transition to renewable energy in the Bangladesh through solar home systems and making the electric vehicle market more efficient.

A new financing alternative

Digital Asset Tokenization

What is Digital Asset Tokenization?

Digital Asset Tokenization consists of companies who want to issue their own token as a funding alternative. This funding solution offers a simpler process with a more economic cost structure when compared to the more traditional funding sources. Depending on the sector of the company, this could be attractive as it offers a way into a specific investor audience.

As part of the digital asset tokenization process, we assist in the creation of an informative document – or “White Paper” –  where clients will find more detailed material on the characteristics and risks of the instrument, as well as the legal and financial situation of the project or company.

The information comprised in the White Paper must be validated by a Company in the Financial Services (or ESI in Spain). Didendum is registered with the CNMV (Spanish regulator) and therefore a Company in the Financial Services with the appropriate experience both in alternative regulated markets in Spain (MARF & BME) as well as in the issuance of tokens, as per some of our credentials below.

Didendum team


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