Ex-Barclays DCM banker joins financial advisory firm Didendum to lead build out

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Ex-Barclays SSA/Emerging Markets DCM banker Isabel Martin Vazquez has joined Spanish advisory firm Didendum as a partner, to lead an expansion of its business from London.

By Francesca Young  01:00 PM

The firm has two arms — one of which is focused on investment banking services. That arm provides investment advice, both for private and institutional clients, as well as acting as an advisor to SMEs that want access to capital markets.

Martin Vazquez has joined the firm at this point in part for personal reasons — she picks up the reins after her mother, Maria Victoria Vazquez Sacristan, who co-founded Didendum in 2012, passed away two years ago. The other co-founder, Angel Lopez-Corona Davila, remains at the firm.

But her move is also because the firm has chosen this point to embark on a broad geographic expansion.

Martin Vazquez has gained capital markets experience at some of the biggest banks in London before joining Didendum.

She left Barclays last month after five years at that bank. She was an assistant vice president covering SSA clients in Europe and the emerging markets.

Before Barclays she had worked at BNP Paribas in London for just over a year, covering Iberia, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Dutch and Nordics DCM. She previously worked briefly at HSBC in Madrid covering Iberia DCM.

At Didendum her goal to now to build out the firm’s client base geographically, a project that ought to be assisted through valuable contacts built at those banks.

“The markets Didendum has so far been active in are mostly Iberia and Latin America,” said Martin Vazquez. “I want to focus on building geographies outside of that — it’s the right time for us to expand. We want to expand more in Latin America, and as part of that we’re looking more at Colombia. The plan is also to spread to Africa. We’re examining opportunities in the CEE but that area is a lot more competitive and there are language barriers, so it’s a later priority for us, through there are several tech opportunities coming up in that space.”

Through Martin Vazquez is spreading the net wide in terms of industries Didendum wants to cover as clients, the firm has historically mostly been focused on energy projects as well as green and social responsible financing.

She has chosen to remain in London to fulfil her role, in large part because significant, broad ranging travel is expected as part of it. That, at the moment, sets her apart from the rest of the Didendum team, who are based in Vigo in Spain.

“There is a plan to hire more in London, and I do intend to be here myself long term, but given the current Brexit situation we need to be careful about that,” she said.

Among its services, Didendum offers help in seeking new financing for companies through banking, venture capital, crowdfunding or angel investing, capital markets access and project financing.

In particular, it helps companies reach the targets set by MARF, the Alternative Fixed Income Market, a market aimed at small and medium enterprises with simplified requirements and lower costs and/or MAB, an alternative stock market dedicated to companies with limited capitalization, with customized regulations and costs and processes adapted to their characteristic.

Didendum also provides advice, support and negotiation in debt restructuring, pre-bankruptcy or bankruptcy processes and exiting to the alternative stock market. It supports companies through mergers and acquisitions, company valuations and building strategic alliances.


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